3 Reasons why

Smoother workflow

Digitalise reporting and communication, avoid misunderstandings and forget about language barriers while at the same time bringing your staff closer together.

Save money

Bad workflow results in problems leading to dissatisfied guests who have to be compensated. Get more done faster with better quality while saving time and money.

Happier guests and better reviews

Satisfied guests leave good reviews resulting in higher ranking and more bookings.

Some great functionality

Chat (with translation)

Communicate quickly between all departments. Forget all about language barriers with our unique chat.

Clean Rooms

Easily report clean rooms with pictures and comments. Everyone gets instant notifications. Keep track of who did what when. Let your supervisor approve each cleaning.

Today's Job

Detailed room list with actual status for everyone to see. See which rooms are ready to be cleaned or has been cleaned, are available or occupied and more.

Issues and Lost & Found

Easily report maintenance issues and lost & found items for each room with a picture and a eventual comments. Caretaker and front desk gets instant notifications.

Solves some common problems

Difficulties and misunderstandings arising as a consequence of language barriers between team members.

Discrepancies between rooms status in housekeeping and front desk room lists.

No proper order of lost & found items within the departments.

Maintenance issues not being reported and resolved in time.

Paper reports and housekeeping assignments being lost.

Insufficient awareness and misunderstanding about who did what when during the day.

We like to keep it simple!

-69 rooms

Price per room, per month
€1.99 First month free

Access to all app functions
Unlimited user accounts
Initial set up of rooms and accounts
Initial training
Free support

Great tool to make your day much better

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How to get started

Please provide your name and email adress along with as much information as possible about your hotel and your needs.

We will provide you with more information about the system and how we go about setting everything up for your hotel.

We set up your account within 1 business day.

Any other question not listed on the faq

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