Keeping Track on Rooms’ Status

Keeping track on each individual room’s status is a considerable challenge in housekeeping. There are differens ways of doing it: paper reports handed to the Supervisor who then hand them to the Front Desk staff, reports by dialing a code on a stationary phone etc. These methods have the following disadvantages: information usually gets updated in the PMS system without saving any history of a room’s status, papers can get lost or destroyed, stationary telephone reports can get wrong is the staff dials wrong code orin a phone loses connection to the system which also sometimes happens.

RedApp Housekeeping and Hotel Communication System offers an intuitive on-screen room matrix that is updated in real time. Housekeeping management and Front Desk personnel can always be assured of their ability to oversee any and all room status updates. Besides the possibility to always view each rooms actual status i real time RedApp Housekeeping System offers the opportunity to check the history of each room’s status updates 3 months back in time with exact dates, exact time of reports, name of the employee who made the actual report and a picture of the room at that moment.

With the ability to view such data remotely from any location and at any time, supervisors can also make informed and immediate task adjustment decisions, whenever necessary. In doing so, they can consistently ensure that housekeeping staff are always aware of which tasks take priority.

Modern Housekeeping

Hospitality industry studies have shown that hotel cleanliness is one the main factors affecting guest satisfaction and a hotel’s reputation. However, maintaining an effective housekeeping department can prove to be a considerable challenge for many hotels. Resources are often overstretched and multiple tasks are difficult to keep track on.

Most of hotels and resorts still rely on paper-based manual management strategy when it comes to housekeeping management. As soon as number of assignments and responsibilities increase, likelihood of mistakes, overlooked rooms or public areas increase as well.This shows immediately in guest recensions and hotel’s reputation pays the price.

At our technological time it is natural for hotels and resorts to look for new software solutions as substitute for the old-fashioned manual paperwork. Equipped with right software developed specially for Housekeeping departments enables the staff to exchange information, assign tasks, make reports in real time. Correct software gives hotel management enables hotel management to ensure that housekeeping team does exactly what they need to do and on correct time and that no tasks can get overlooked.