Modern Housekeeping

Hospitality industry studies have shown that hotel cleanliness is one the main factors affecting guest satisfaction and a hotel’s reputation. However, maintaining an effective housekeeping department can prove to be a considerable challenge for many hotels. Resources are often overstretched and multiple tasks are difficult to keep track on.

Most of hotels and resorts still rely on paper-based manual management strategy when it comes to housekeeping management. As soon as number of assignments and responsibilities increase, likelihood of mistakes, overlooked rooms or public areas increase as well.This shows immediately in guest recensions and hotel’s reputation pays the price.

At our technological time it is natural for hotels and resorts to look for new software solutions as substitute for the old-fashioned manual paperwork. Equipped with right software developed specially for Housekeeping departments enables the staff to exchange information, assign tasks, make reports in real time. Correct software gives hotel management enables hotel management to ensure that housekeeping team does exactly what they need to do and on correct time and that no tasks can get overlooked.

New version of RedApp Housekeeping and Hotel Communication System

We are proud to announce that a new version of RedApp is now here! RedApp is a Housekeeping and Hotel Communication System. Do you want to make workflow smoother and guests happier at your hotel? RedApp Housekeeping is available for download on both Apple Store and Android Market. The new version has new design and extended functionality.

Some of the new functions are reporting of “Don’t Disturb” rooms, translation function in comments, private messages between staff and most importantly – daily, weekly and monthly statistics.

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